Creative Play Technique – the key to the brightest future

Creative Play Technique, devised by Dr Sharie Coombes, combines highly effective evidence-based therapies and techniques informed by neuroscience and cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal psychology to help us to get rid of those unwanted problems. It allows us to rebuild the foundations of our ways of thinking and reveals to us our own incredible resourcefulness.

Children experience even better results because they are ready and willing to use their imaginations and are more receptive to new learning.

Therapy sometimes makes a difference very quickly, alleviating the most troubling symptoms. However, the treatment is not just about getting rid of unwanted symptoms but also aims, through psychodynamic work, to enable the individual to make better use of future opportunities and relationships and to assist them onto a healthy developmental path.

The therapy is sometimes combined with expertly delivered hypnotherapy, which is safe, gentle, effective and reassuring and does not require any painful ‘re-living’ of difficulties. It never dwells on what has ‘gone wrong’ in the past but focuses on how we can develop resilience and optimism. Research shows that the ‘optimistic child’ will be more successful in every area of life, now and in the future.

Children (and adults) go into ‘trance’ naturally many times a day making hypnosis a familiar and comfortable method of helping children to access their own resources. There are no ‘magic words’, swinging watches or looking into my eyes! Your child will enjoy the sessions and will benefit hugely from them.

I use stories, play and talking in a therapeutic way to bring rapid change to your child’s life. This mix of neuropsychotherapy, solution-focused, psychodynamic and other therapies has been responsible for many children rediscovering the wonder of childhood and leaving their problems behind them.

To help your child rediscover the wonder of childhood and to discuss any aspect of the therapy, get in touch with me.